Wednesday, March 26, 2008

$4.57 in pocket change

There has been a movement lately to get rid of the penny. Today ol’ Lincoln saved the day. I was driving to Denver for a meeting and realized I was low on gas. I was half way to my meeting when I also realized I left my wallet at home. That is not a good combination. To make matters worse, I was starving and was planning on grabbing a bite to eat before the meeting. Not to car console was full of pocket change I have been collecting for the last year. I counted out $2.50 in quarters and few bucks in pennies. Thank goodness for the dollar menu at Burger King. Two Wopper Jr. paid with pennies and on the way back I added .714 gallons of gas to the tank to barely make it home without being stranded on the road. And the look on the attendants face...priceless. I guess cash really is king. I think I’m going to stash $20 bucks in the jockey box for another at least I can get the fries.

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apriljanellehart said...

That cracks me up. You are better off then me because I only had $.50 in my car last I checked.