Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Guatemala Stuff

Here are some of the videos from our zip line adventure in Guatemala.
Its a bird...
Its a plane...
Its ...Superman??
There was a 70-75 year old couple that joined us for the canopy tour. After the third platform the gentleman bashfully admitted to his wife that when he signed them up for the canopy tour he thought they were going to be on a walking tour. Oops. Little did they know they would be joined by three rambunctious men.

And a few more pictures too.


Autumn said...

Andrew!! These are all awesome. I love the pictures and videos!!! What a blast. I love ziplines. I love seeing you as a bird too!

kim said...

What a cool trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures. (Jared says Hi!)

Matt and Tracy said...

What an awesome adventure. Who organized the trip. I would love get involved in some field dentistry. (Outside of Iraq I that is).