Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pictures are worth a 1000 words

Wow, it has been a while. I’ll give everyone a quick update and hopefully that will explain why I haven’t been blogging lately. I bought the dental practice in May. I have been working there for two years, and finally made the deal to buy the entire practice. I am now the proud owner of a small business. That should be enough for everyone to understand why I haven’t written anything.

More importantly, the other reason I haven’t updated this is because I have been spending the rest of my free time with Wendy. We met at the end of April at a Single Adult Conference in California. She lives an hour away in South Denver so my car has been getting more frequent oil changes.

Since pictures say a 1000 words and there is no way I can explain what I have been doing for six months, I’m posting some pictures.

Wendy convinced me to run the Boulder Boulder. It is a 10K run that is fairly famous around here. She is the runner of the group, and I am the goof ball.

We both like to cycle, which is one of our most enjoyable activities to do together. It is nice to see the amazing landscapes of Colorado by bicycle. In the early summer, we drove up to Estes Park and went exploring.

For Pioneer day, we drove to her house in Alamosa Colorado. We watched a few parades, enjoyed a demolition derby, sat underneath some fireworks, went dancing in a barn by ourselves (almost), and just relaxed. We drove up to the sand dunes and found a waterfall.

In August, my mom came into town and we got up real early to go to the balloon festival. Some amazing colors bouncing off of these brilliant balloons.

Over the Labor Day weekend, we flew to Portland and spent the weekend with my family at the beach. Wendy served her mission in Portland and it was the first time she had been back.

We are heading back to Portland for Thanksgiving. So that is the summary. The two W's in my life right now. Work and Wendy and Writing isn't one of them. I'm going to try and do better.